Email/Website Hosting

Does your company have a website? You might be surprised how many small businesses in North Dallas don’t yet have a web presence and a professional website. If you’re looking to host your company’s website for the first time, or you’re thinking about upgrading to a new web hosting company, PC ASAP can help you reach your goals for improving the web presence of your company, small business, start-up, or personal website.

The Importance of a Website & Choosing an Email Hosting Provider

Communicating with clients today often means utilizing the internet through a website form your customers can submit, as well as email customers can use for customer service issues. It’s important that you consider email hosting providers for your email address that will offer a professional and authentic persona for your company.

You might be able to begin your small business with a Gmail address, but it won’t be long before you’ll need an actual address connected to your email hosting provider. Additionally, you’ll probably need to switch from free website hosting to paid website hosting with a personalized domain name that represents your business or persona.

Do All Businesses Need a Domain Name, Website, and Email?

Did you know that an extraordinary number of shoppers first come into contact with a company on the internet? The average shopper will type a search term into their phone or a search engine, and a list of websites will appear of businesses that offer particular services or products. If your business isn’t online, you’re definitely missing out on getting new customers.

Similarly, the internet is the first place many shoppers will go when they have a question, complaint, or comment about a business or one of its products. A buyer might not trust a business that has virtually no internet presence other than a standard listing in an online phone book. The professionals at PC ASAP will offer advice on a variety of essential topics including email hosting and web hosting.

How Can PC ASAP Help My Business on the Internet?

Now that you know your business needs a website, it’s time to investigate getting features like email hosting, choosing website hosting features, and getting a website designed by a professional. It’s important to have a great website designed for you, but your designer can’t do his or her best work if you haven’t chosen the best email hosting provider and website hosting services.

It’s important to concentrate on a provider who can offer high uptime and ensure that your company’s website never goes dark. Whether you’re just starting out and need free email hosting, or you’re a veteran business in need of email hosting for several employees, PC ASAP can help you choose the email and web hosting services you need to make your online presence a worthwhile investment of company dollars.

Get in touch with one of our friendly website professionals today to see how we can help with email hosting and website hosting. We have a convenient North Dallas location, and can also provide on-site business IT support to your company, small business, or start-up.