Monthly Support Plans

From installing and maintaining your VoIP system to computer repair and IT support, PC ASAP helps your growing business with the support it needs to function without delays and malfunctions through essential monthly support plans.


Whether you have one location or several, you’ll benefit from the expertise and efficiency of our support staff. Don’t let your company’s technology run your life. Allow our experienced technicians to assist with your monthly maintenance and information technology needs.

Services We Provide Through Monthly Support

When you choose to hire us as your monthly support technicians, you’ll have access to one of the most experienced teams of information technology and computer specialists in the region. We can assist with everything from the occasional broken DC jack on your computer to upgrading and maintaining the operating systems on your computers. Want to install new cabling or set up a VoIP system? We can handle that, too.

When your business makes the transition from a few computers to full network status, it’s important that you consider your IT needs as your business grows. At the very start, you can probably handle a few crises on your own, and you can certainly bring your machines in for repair at PC ASAP.

However, you may not have the time or expertise to maintain a full network and all of the technology that those upgrades may bring, like your phones, Ethernet cabling, operating system updates, and maintenance of virus protection software.

Here’s a quick list of some of the ways we can assist with your growing information technology and telecommunications needs each month:

  • Computer desktop and laptop repair
  • Phone and Ethernet cabling
  • Router setup
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • VoIP and managed backups
  • Virus & malware removal and maintenance

Outside of these regular tasks, we can also assist with repairing your business machines, including laptop repair, repair of your computer desktops, and recovery of lost data. We can fix everything from the DC jacks on your laptops to the cell phones and tablets and their broken screens.

Ensure Technology Growth During Business Expansion

When a business is very small and only employs a few people, it’s common for employees to wear many “hats” and take on a variety of jobs. The receptionist might double as the internet marketer, and another member of the staff might help with technology issues.

As the business grows and adds technology and employees, their jobs become more specialized, and it becomes tough to ask an employee who was hired to do one job to assist in a completely different area.

That’s where monthly service with PC ASAP can help your business grow without putting a huge strain on your budget. Employing an in-house IT team is no small investment. Don’t let your need for new technology reduce your ability to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Centralize Your IT Department with PC ASAP

One of the issues businesses experience as they grow and add new locations is the decentralization of technology and the need for a company network that spans different locations or even different cities. Monthly service with PC ASAP is your answer to complex technology expansion.

Rather than employing an IT worker at each site or creating an entire department to handle the interoffice technology and telecommunications, you can use our technician as your IT professionals for all technology needs at all sites.

Imagine having an information technology professional on-call without the cost of an on-site office or IT department.

Contact PC ASAP for Affordable Monthly IT Service

Are you searching for experienced technicians to handle your technology upgrades? Are you interested in hiring an on-call computer, IT, and telecommunications specialist to assist with your day-to-day technology needs in North Dallas? Contact us at PC ASAP for more information about how our monthly support plans can help your business grow and thrive.