Router Setup

As your business grows, it requires additional types of technology including servers, routers, and telecommunications devices. Before your business can enjoy high-speed internet, you need a router installed, and the router will need to be configured with your business or home network.

If you’re facing a big upgrade at your small business, you’ll want to work with PC ASAP for efficient router setup, as well as to make sure each computer used at your business can connect to the network, your servers, and the internet.


Modem and Router Installation Services from PC ASAP

Virtually no home or business today can operate at peak efficiency without a wireless network, and high-speed internet requires that you hook up a router to your internet modem. Your internet service provider might give you a modem as part of your service contract, but getting your internet to a point where everyone can use their wireless devices may take some additional equipment.

A wireless network is not only important at home for tasks like streaming videos and connecting tablets and computers to the network, but it’s also an essential feature for security systems that include wireless proximity alarms, surveillance cameras, and other security devices. You may need us to assist with router setup if you’re thinking about installing a security system at your home or business.

What Routers Can I Get Installed by PC ASAP?

Just as there are many different manufacturers of computer devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets, there are also many trusted manufacturers of routers today. You don’t necessarily need to buy a router that’s the same manufacturer as your computer or tablet. We can offer advice on which router might offer you the most efficient experience with the lowest likelihood of malfunctions (we do offer router repair, too, so you’re never in danger of a broken network!).

Here are a few of the popular router manufacturers we install:

  • Linksys Wireless-G router installation
  • Asus Tri-Band Wireless router installation
  • Netgear Wireless-N router installation
  • D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi router installation
  • Tenda F3 N300 wireless router installation
  • Cisco router installation

A router is one piece of equipment at your home or business that you should upgrade every so often. Just like computers become obsolete, routers can become a hassle to maintain, especially as the demand for data transfer and VoIP telecommunications increases. Even if you already have a router, you may want to consider our router installation service for an upgrade to your current system.

Receive Maintenance and Router Repair from PC ASAP

Your home or business probably has several devices that can connect to the internet, and a router not only ensures every device can connect to the internet, but it also helps your business share information and data on the local network. Your employees may need access to the server, or the kids at home might need access to the internet.

Our router installation service will provide an important upgrade to your home or business, so you can connect everything from computers to printers to scanners, as well as all the network-attached storage devices you can fit on the property to your network. Let us make sure your home or business network is lightning fast and capable of giving you the speed and access you need.