Server Setup and Maintenance

When you think of a server that hosts data for your computer, you might imagine a large business in a huge office building, but servers are quite common today, and they don’t necessarily mean you have a giant rack of them sitting somewhere at your business.

Installing an In-Home Server

You might be wondering why a home would need a server, but there are a few different reasons that might surprise you. One of the most common reasons a person might want a server at home is for media. PC ASAP can help with home media server setup, which can be used to streamline your entertainment media at home. These servers can be set up with interfaces that make it easy to manage, control, and access your digital entertainment.

Another very common reason people choose to install servers in their home is for telecommuting or small business purposes. Server setup for small business might seem like a huge step toward complexity in your home, but we can make sure your server is neatly installed and out of the way in your house. You can even rely on us in the future for upgrades and maintenance of your home server.

In fact, you may find it necessary to buy a server for your new business or startup, and that means relying on small business server setup from PC ASAP. We’ll offer our advice on what type of business or in-home server would serve you best and then assist with installation. We even offer ongoing support for maintaining your business server.

Expanding Computing at Work with Server Setup for Small Businesses

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business’s technology to include an on-site server, now’s the time to consider that option. When you work with PC ASAP, we can provide expert server setup for small businesses, and we can also consult on the size and type of server. You don’t need to have all the information ready before you call us.

We can help you make those technology decisions before server setup and installation. We’ll make sure your servers are the right size for your business and that they feature easily upgradable components. Once you have the servers installed, you’ll want to have the ability to expand or upgrade those servers in the future, and we can design your server setup to accommodate future expansion.

Work with PC ASAP for All Small Business and Home Server Setups

PC ASAP is here to help with your server installation needs whether you need a home media server setup for your entertainment files or you want to expand your small business’s computer network with server setup for small business. A new server can have a very positive impact on your small business, home business, or entertainment capabilities.

When you setup home file server devices at your home, you have the instant capability to expand your small business. Servers at an office site can also have a dramatic impact on your computing power and expansion opportunities. Learn about the benefits of server setup for small business and the home with a consultation from PC ASAP.