VoIP and Managed Backups

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that has become synonymous with an efficiently run business. Similarly, the opportunity to conduct managed backups has become a sign of a responsible business. PC ASAP provides each of these essential services that can help your North Dallas business become stronger and more efficient.


Business Telecommunications and Data

As technology becomes more advanced over time, it’s not uncommon to see changes in the way people conduct business. For example, it’s much more common for business people to utilize email today rather than the post office and a hard copy letter for communication purposes. Similarly, many companies have made the jump from traditional phone service to local VoIP service providers for phone service.

The benefits of using VoIP have been well-documented, particularly for businesses interested in streamlining their telecommunications. Some of the benefits of VoIP include all the extra features of VoIP that are usually part of an affordable package and don’t cost a great deal of extra money (unlike traditional landlines).

Here are some of the features you may get to enjoy and be able to afford when you switch to VoIP for your small business communications:

  • Door phone entry buzzers
  • “Follow me” call routing
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Music on hold
  • Call screening
  • Call utilization detail reports

Making the switch to VoIP has never been easier and more affordable, particularly with all the added features included with standard service agreements. PC ASAP is your North Dallas partner for everything you need to know about VoIP service and VoIP service providers.

Choosing a Managed Backup Service Provider

You know you need to backup your business data or the personal data in your home, but it’s probably a task you often forget about or fail to accomplish on time. PC ASAP can set up your managed backup while also providing a wealth of on-site business services for your computer and information technology needs.

Even if you feel your computers are highly reliable, and you maintain them on a regular basis, it’s still important to realize that data loss still happens. Utilizing a user managed backup or a managed backup server can save your company’s data in the unlikely (yet potentially catastrophic) event of equipment failure and data loss.

We’ll help you design the best time interval for your data backup and perform regular checks on the process to ensure your managed backup proceeds smoothly each time. We’ll let you know how many copies you need to make of your data, as well as where those copies should be stored (such as on a remote server or a cloud backup server that’s in another state).

You’ll be able to feel at ease once you’ve set up a regular schedule for your company’s managed backups.

Receive Expert VoIP Service Assistance and Managed Backup Services from PC ASAP

Are you looking for a reliable company in North Dallas to provide your managed backup services? Do you want to know more about how VoIP can benefit your business? Get in touch with one of the friendly technicians at PC ASAP for more information on how you can get the business services you need at an affordable price from a company you can trust.