Cell Phone / Tablet Repairs


You probably rely heavily on your smartphone for all sorts of communication needs, and a broken device can become quite a hassle. Likewise, a tablet that’s malfunctioning or won’t turn on can halt you in your tracks. PC ASAP offers experienced technicians who can conduct cell phone repair and tablet repair quickly to get everything running smoothly again.

Here are a few of the popular brands we’ve repaired:

  • iPad Pro 9.7 tablet repair
  • Google Pixel C tablet repair
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet repair
  • iPad mini 4 tablet repair
  • Sony Xperia Z4 tablet repair

Repairs for Your Tablet

When you use your iPad or Android tablet every day, there’s a chance it will become inoperable because of a failed touch screen or a few broken buttons. You might find out your iPad has a dead battery, or your Android tablet might stop responding when you use the touch screen.

The most common tablet problems usually have something to do with a broken screen, and this fix isn’t as scary as you might think. A broken screen might look like it’s unfixable, but we’ve provided iPad screen repair to many customers who had a screen that was a spider web full of cracks.

In addition to iPad repair, we can provide tablet repair for virtually any device on the market today.

Common Cell Phone and Smartphone Problems

Your smartphone is filled with tiny components that are safe when the phone is in good, working order, but a crack in the screen or an inadvertent drop can create problems. From dead batteries to cracked screens, there are a number of problems that can impact your smartphone. Here are a few problems we can fix:

Broken screen. When a cell phone or smartphone hits the floor, there’s a strong chance the screen could crack upon impact. Fortunately, this problem is so common that PC ASAP has helped countless people with iPhone screen repair, Windows phone screen repair, and Android screen repair.

Headphone jack. If your phone has a headphone jack, you probably use it with headphones to listen to music or watch videos on your phone. Over time, this jack can become stressed and no longer work. You may need us to take apart your phone to repair the jack or even replace it if it’s become inoperable.

Broken buttons. If you use your phone frequently, there’s a chance one of the buttons will eventually fail on your phone. The buttons on your phone can be quite delicate, and it’s important to have a professional or experienced cell phone repair technician replace or repair the buttons on your phone.

Can You Fix My Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet?

There are so many different types of smartphones out there that you might worry about finding a place where the technicians know how to fix your particular phone. Not only are our professionals experienced in iPhone repair and repair of many models of Android phones, but we can also work with less well-known brands.

Here are some of the popular phones we can repair for you:

  • iPhone repair
  • Samsung
  • HTC One screen repair
  • LG screen repair
  • Nokia Lumia screen repair
  • Blackberry screen repair
  • Motorola screen repair

Get Your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device Fixed at PC ASAP

If you have a broken tablet or smartphone, we can help you fix it whether you need basic cell phone screen repair, or you’re looking at an overheating tablet that keeps shutting off. Come to our convenient Dallas location for service from one of our expert repair technicians.