Laptop Repair

Laptop computers are in millions of homes around the country, and they enjoy status as an indispensable and portable business device. However, laptops fall victim to a variety of problems from invasive viruses to mechanical failures. PC ASAP is your North Dallas source for experienced and efficient computer repair, including all types of popular laptops from Hewlett-Packard and Dell to Asus and Acer to Lenovo and Mac’s.


PC Repair: Troubleshooting Your Laptop Problem

The very nature of a laptop means it’s probably going to experience a lot more abuse than your average desktop computer. Even if you use a laptop at a desk in an office, the device will invariably travel with you occasionally and get bumps and bruises along the way. Some problems – like broken laptop screens – are fairly catastrophic, but they’re not the end for your laptop when you bring your broken computer to PC ASAP. Like our name suggests, we provide efficient computer services for any type of laptop.

Whether it’s a laptop that won’t turn on or a screen with a giant crack in it, we can fix your broken computer.

Here are some of the common issues we see when we conduct PC repair at our Dallas location:

Bad charger or broken charger cord. Over time, the cord to your computer might bend this way and that and eventually fail or crack due to changes in temperature and the breakdown of the plastic around the wires.

Broken computer case or cracked laptop screen. Laptops are always in danger of falling and breaking or cracking because they’re mobile. You probably don’t worry too much about dropping your desktop computer, but your laptop is always a potential victim of the hard floor.

Broken fan or bad fan. A broken fan or one that’s off-kilter is a laptop killer if you don’t get it fixed. One of the primary causes of laptop death is melted innards that result from a lack of a working fan. It’s a straightforward fix, but it’s one that needs to be handled ASAP.

Stuck or broken laptop key. If you work on a desktop with a traditional keyboard, you might already know how to remove and replace a laptop key. It’s usually a little more complex to replace a laptop key, and you might end up needing an entirely new keyboard.

Water on or in the laptop. Unless you submerge the entire laptop in the ocean, it’s possible to repair a laptop that came into contact with a glass of water or a can of soda. It’s important that you don’t use the laptop until you can get computer repair.

Broken laptop screen. Just like smartphones, one of the common and serious issues we see at PC ASAP is a broken screen that requires complex laptop screen repair. Although the damage may look unfixable, it is possible to bring your laptop back to life with a new screen.

What are Some of the Major Laptop Manufacturers We Handle?

  • Asus laptop repair
  • Dell laptop repair
  • Lenovo laptop repair
  • Acer laptop repair
  • HP laptop repair
  • MacBook laptop repair

Do You Need ASAP Laptop Repair?

Contact PC ASAP for expert laptop repair and computer service whether you need a new keyboard, a replacement fan, laptop screen repair, or a general tune-up. We’ll get your computer back to normal in a flash.