Screen Replacement

Imagine you’re sitting with your laptop on your lap, and you’re typing as you usually do when you suddenly sneeze and the laptop goes flying out of your lap and onto the hard floor below. If the laptop’s corner hits the floor, you could see a broken screen when you retrieve the machine from the floor.


Don’t assume you need to buy a completely new laptop because of a broken screen. Come to PC ASAP of North Dallas for computer screen replacement and repair. We can fix your machine and get things back to normal whether you have a small crack on the side of the computer or a huge spider web of cracks covering the screen.

Can You Fix a Broken Laptop Screen?

It’s not uncommon for people to use their laptops even after they’ve experienced a crack or break with the screen. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see enough of the screen – and the computer will work, too – and the crack will just be an annoyance.

However, it’s much more common to see your computer stop working completely with a crack that requires full laptop screen replacement. Every laptop is a little different in how the repair must be accomplished, but we’ve seen virtually every type of computer brand and screen at PC ASAP, so we’re experts on all computer screen repair methods.

Can You Use a Laptop That Needs Screen Replacement?

You might wonder if your computer is dangerous with a broken screen, but the more important question is whether it’s safe for the contents of your computer to run it with a broken screen. When you break the screen on your computer, it’s very often the result of dropping it on a hard surface, which can impact other components in the computer.

Even if your computer screen works with a crack, your hard drive might be damaged, too, and using your computer could result in lost data. In most cases, it’s best to seek out screen replacement before you begin to use your computer again, particularly if you have data on the machine that isn’t yet backed up.

Is it Worth it to Get Laptop Screen Repair?

In the world of electronics and computers, you’ll occasionally find that it’s easier to replace an entire device than it is to replace just a single part of the machine. As far as laptops are concerned, your original purchase price may influence your decision to get computer screen repair.

For example, if your machine was bought in the past year and cost several hundred dollars, your computer screen replacement cost will be well worth it to bring your computer back to normal. On the other hand, if you have a budget-level laptop that you bought used on Craigslist, you might want to get a quote on your computer screen replacement cost and make a decision based on the overall value of your machine.

Receive Expert Care for Your Laptop Screen from PC ASAP

Don’t assume that broken screen on your laptop means you must part ways with your computer. We can fix a laptop screen quickly in many cases, so you’re not left without your essential device for longer than is necessary. Come to our convenient Dallas computer repair location to see how we can help with expert laptop screen repair.