virus / malware removal

PC ASAP is your local North Dallas support center for the removal of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, addware, hijackers and other harmful versions of malicious software.

Does your computer run noticeably slower than it used to?

If so, this may be due to malicious programs like trojans, worms, viruses, or spyware running in the background. Some of these pieces of malicious software are particularly deceitful in that they will run in the background, using your system’s CPU, RAM memory, and hard drive for other nefarious purposes. During these times, your computer will be excessively slow, as its resources are being strained and drained.

top viruses

  • MoneyPack
  • Python
  • Pytroj
  • Conficker
  • OneScan
  • Rimecud
  • Zafi
  • Exploit-SWFRedirector

Are any of the top viruses in the list on the left plaguing your system? Call PCASAP today and we will remove them immediately and ensure that your system is optimized. Click to view current threat reports from Symantec, Microsoft, Trend Micro or McAffee.

Even the best anti-virus software is only a preventative measure  so if you are currently experiencing difficulties due to viruses, having your system examined and cleaned by professionals will vastly improve your chances of recovering critical information.

Does your computer experience random crashes, software closing, freezing, or not responding?

Many viruses are so advanced that they will automatically detect and prevent anti-virus software from running. At PCASAP, we can quarantine and destroy malicious viruses individually, with a precisely coordinated approach that leave your files, pictures, music intact.

In addition to this, we recommend backing up your computer regularly. We offer a monthly back-up service that can safely and quickly store your files on our secure servers.

Call us now for a free consultation. Businesses switching from an existing IT provider are eligible for a 25% discount off of all new client configuration and set up fees.