what we fix

The computers, networks, and the technology we use in virtually every facet of modern business must perform flawlessly every day, or the companies relying on them may see their profits and efficiency suffer. Count on PC ASAP for efficient repair of computer hardware, essential software, and your business networks in North Dallas. From component replacement to system optimization, our trained technicians are your company’s best hope for PC software troubleshooting and hardware repair.

Computer Hardware & Software Repair

We place significant demands on modern technology, but even expertly maintained computers may experience problems over time. From our Dallas office, we provide swift assistance for any problems you might experience with your PC components or software.

Our technicians are Microsoft MCP certified and CompTia A+ certified and can handle any of the following tasks:

Computer Repair and IT Support

They’re versatile and powerful, and you demand much of your computer desktop whether it’s in a home office, it serves as your school computer, or it’s part of a large office full of employees and cubicles. Read More

laptop repair

Laptop computers are in millions of homes around the country, and they enjoy status as an indispensable and portable business device. Read More

virus / malware removal

There are thousands of computer viruses out there that can create huge problems for your business or personal computer, and PC ASAP offers expert assistance for virus and malware removal. Read More

Data Backup / Recovery

It’s not uncommon to become too busy to take care of regular backups, and you may eventually experience a catastrophic failure of your computer hardware and need data recovery from PC ASAP. Read More

Screen Replacement

Imagine you’re sitting with your laptop on your lap, and you’re typing as you usually do when you suddenly sneeze and the laptop goes flying out of your lap and onto the hard floor below. Read More

Windows Installs / Upgrades

One of the questions every computer user asks when they work on a machine with Microsoft Windows is: “When should I upgrade Microsoft Windows?” Read More

DC Jack Repair

Do you need expert computer repair in the North Dallas area? Are you facing a broken DC Power jack on your computer? Don’t assume the problem means you need an entirely new computer. Read More

Cell Phone / Tablet Repairs

You probably rely heavily on your smartphone for all sorts of communication needs, and a broken device can become quite a hassle. Read More

Whether you have five employees or fifty, there’s a good chance you have more than one computer or device. It’s not surprising that you may need to deal with a busted cell phone, virus-infested computer, or broken laptop screen over the course of the year, especially if you have several employees.

Why is it important to seek out computer repair?

We’re surrounded by technology today, and it may seem that a broken device is most easily replaced instead of repaired. However, a variety of fixes are easily completed by an expert and can cost much less than full replacement.

For example, broken screens on cell phones are extraordinarily common, and just about everyone who owns a smartphone will experience a broken, fractured, or cracked screen at least once. However, a broken screen doesn’t necessarily mean a broken phone. Make an appointment with PC ASAP if you have a cracked screen on your smartphone, have lost all the data on your external hard drive, or have decided that it’s time to update all the office computers with a new version of Windows.

There isn’t a device in your office we can’t fix!

Networking & Business Support

your company is small and young, there’s a good chance your networking and computers are nothing more than a few laptops and a hotspot. However, sustained growth and an increase in the amount of work that must be accomplished over the internet usually means an investment in technology, as well as setup and implementation of servers, routers, and phone/Ethernet cabling.

Here are the ways we can help with your technology needs:

  • DC jack repair
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Router setup
  • Phone and Ethernet cabling
  • Email/Website hosting
  • VoIP and managed backups

Are you operating out of an old building with slow internet? Are you interested in upgrading your business communications? Let us take a look at your current technology and show you how our on-site business support, email/website hosting, VoIP services, and managed backups can ensure your business remains competitive, profitable, and efficient.

Questions About Your Business Technology?

Ensure your employees have access to the best equipment available and that they can maintain a high degree of efficiency and productivity with fast networks and reliable computers. Let PC ASAP assist with your business technology needs whether you work in a home office with just a single employee or whether you manage a large team of employees in a Dallas office building.