Phone and Ethernet Cabling

You probably already have phone service at your business or home, but when was that wiring installed? If you live in a home that was built more than 20 years ago, you might not have wiring capable of keeping up with today’s demand for high-speed internet, downloads, and data.

Similarly, if you rent or own a building for your business that’s several decades old, you might have some trouble securing high-speed internet or signing up for telecommunications options like VoIP. PC ASAP can bring your home or business into the 21st century with network cable installation and phone cable installation.

Do I Need New Network Cables and New Phone Cabling?

Simple phone wiring lasts for many decades, and there are millions of houses out there that were built in the early 1900s with telephone wires where those wires have barely seen any work or upgrades. They remain suitable for voice calling on traditional phones.

However, using those lines for DSL communications can become troublesome, and finding a cable line in an old building can feel like a scavenger hunt with no end. That’s where help from PC ASAP comes in handy as we offer network cabling services and traditional phone cabling for homeowners and business owners in the North Dallas region.

Connecting and Upgrading Phone and Cabling Systems

Your building might have one of a few different types of wiring. One is called a “daisy chain” and features wiring that looks like a line with a device placed every so often along that line. If there is a single break anywhere in the line, all the devices downstream of that break are impacted.

Alternatively, you might have wiring referred to as “star topology,” which means all the separate devices are connected individually to their services. When there is a break somewhere in the system, only the single device at the end of that break is affected.

Did you know that the 50-year-old wiring in your building may restrict the speed of your modem? Although you might upgrade to the newest and fastest modem on the market, your network cabling might cause some serious issues that even the best equipment can’t solve.

Repairing and Upgrading Old Phone Cabling and Network Cabling

It’s not uncommon for a business owner to upgrade the technology inside the business and not consider the age or capabilities of the wiring in the building. The same is true for homeowners who buy expensive telecommunications equipment and wonder why their brand new modem is so “slow” in streaming movies.

Your solution may require phone cable repair or network cable repair of old and aged wiring, or you might need to consider completely new installation of new wiring. Options include bundling fiber-optic cables, using twisted-pair cable, or installing coaxial cables for home and business networks.

Work With PC ASAP to Upgrade or Repair Your Phone & Network Cabling

Are you dealing with slow internet at your house? Are the phones at your business always down? Is it impossible to get any work done with your terrible internet connection? You might need new phone cabling or network cabling for your home or business. Work with PC ASAP to repair, install, or fix your network cabling and phone cabling at your North Dallas home or office.